Brownsboro Village

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Brownsboro Village

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Brownsboro Village

Everything You Need is within a Mile Drive!

Brownsboro Village

Everything You Need is within a Mile Drive!


The City of Brownsboro Village contracts independently with Rumpke for garbage, recycling and yard waste pick up. Part of the income derived by the City from Property Taxes is used to pay for this service.

Garbage and yard waste is picked up every Thursday and recycling pick up is every other Thursday. On Holidays the weekly schedule is bumped back one day. See calendar for monthly schedule at

No yard waste, recycling, or trash container shall be placed out on the street for collection before 12:00 P.M. the day prior to scheduled collection nor shall the emptied cans remain on the street after 9:00 A.M. the following day.

Please call the Rumpke customer service if you have any questions at 502-568-3800 or 1-800-678-6753.

Hazardous materials (paints and liquids etc.) will be accepted at the Waste Management Facility on Grade Lane. It is only open on Wednesday and Saturday. Call before to confirm -502-574-7336.

Rumpke does collect junk items on garbage days. Junk items such as sofa, table, mattresses ( 1 at a time), and rugs need to be separated from other trash and cannot exceed 50 pounds. Mattresses must be in a mattress bag. These mattress bags may be purchased at a local hardware store. RUMPKE WILL NOT PICK UP ANY MATRESSES THAT DONT HAVE A BAG!

Yard waste includes grass clippings, leaves, brush, branches and limbs ( not over 6” in diameter and no longer than 48” long) tied up in a bundle.


Brownsboro Village at times has experienced car break-ins. ALWAYS LOCK YOUR CAR AND REMOVE ALL VALUABLES! If you experience an attempted theft of your vehicle  file a police report with LMPD.

We have hired the security Firm L4 to make random patrols in the neighborhood. However, residents still need to take precautions.


Vacation and House Watch

As of now, residents can email  info@L4securitygroup and their address will be added to the house watch list. They should include the following information:
  1. Name, address, emergency contact phone number and email address
  2. Dates of departure and return
  3. Any people expected to be on property during their absence and their vehicle description.
  4. Visitors’ purpose for being on property (i.e. feeding pets, watering plants, etc)
  5. What lights, if any, will be left on inside of the home.
  6. A statement of authorization to be on the property for the purpose of checking the security of doors / windows etc.

Residents should bear in mind that L4 will be walking around the home during the check checking doors etc. For those who have cameras that alert them to the presence of someone L4 security people will be uniformed in khaki pants and black fleece top bearing L4 Security. The L4 marked unit will be parked in front of the house with lights flashing.

L4 is working on an online form that will collect all of that information and be routed to them.

 This information will be revised when the online form is complete. 

Service Numbers:

Louisville Metro Police – 502-574-5673
Emergency – 911
Fire – 502- 893-7825
LG&E– 502-589-1444
MSD Customer Service – 502- 587-0603
Animal Control Protection – 502-361-1318
St. Matthews Eline Library – 502-574-1771
Metro Call – 502-574-5000 or 311