City of Brownsboro Village

Tree Program

Status of This Year’s Tree Giveaway (2023)

Currently, the ball is in the court of the nurserymen and women who grow the trees.  They decide when it’s appropriate to dig a given species.  Since our order has a diversity of species on it, we must wait until they dig all the species needed to compile it and ship it in its entirety.  It was also exceptionally dry up until a week or so, so their digging was further delayed by the dry soil conditions. (They don’t want to deliver a dry/prone-to-cracking rootball.) All this is to say that our order isn’t ready and has not shipped. But when it does, Brownsboro Village is at the top of our priority list.

The Process of Locating Utilities

When we got word from the nursery that digging would be delayed this year because of soil moisture, we opted to wait to call the Before U Dig utility locators so that their marks would be recent and visible when we need them to be rather than faded and mowed over. 

We told everyone it would be between Thanksgiving and Christmas when their trees would arrive, and it still will be. We’ll be in touch!”

Robert Woodford
Owner/Arborist Sylvan City Tree Company

Tree Board Members:

Barbara Kremer Schmall, Jean Anne Clyde, Maryellen Howley, Shannon Miller, and Ted Payne. Special thanks to Barbara for her impeccable leadership, and Shannon for her talent at grant writing.  We look forward to expanding our Tree Board Initiative in the years to come!

The Brownsboro Village Tree Board would like to congratulate the winners of  12 free trees to be planted in front yards of Brownsboro Village residents needing trees to enhance our Village canopy. This giveaway was make possible through a grant from Metropolitan Sewer District. This grant is being matched by Brownsboro Village. 

Congratulations to the following winners!

Chris and Carly Wright     407 Oread       
Elizabeth and Keith Senn-Alvey    415 Oread    
McCaren Avalon           416 Oread 
Emily and John Pelosi             301 Lotis 
Gracie Peter, Miles South     303 Lotis    
Julia Clements                   310 Lotis 
Carol McCarty                 400 Lotis           
Beth and Blake Blyth       404 Lotis           
Lee Ann Rogers                 412 Lotis           
Greg Delmonico            317 Sprite 
Robert Helfrick              3702 Napanee
Plus one recipient who prefers to not have name or address published.